Dr Collar presents the Sport line, the new line of cervical collars designed for the world of physical activity. From first aid operations to rehabilitation therapies, the wide range of Dr Collar‘s products always offers the ideal solution against traumas that can affect the cervical rachis while playing sports. Innovation and technology are key words to the Sport series, which includes high-performance products, made of resistant and durable materials and presenting ergonomic and comfortable lines.

Dr Collar. Plays with you.

How to choose the right cervical collar

It’s important to choose the collar that better suits your needs and the purpose you intend to use for. Thanks to Dr Collar’s stars classification system it will be easy to find your collar. The evaluation, set up by the experts, is based on the three key factors of cervical immobilisation:

  • Product’s stability
  • Limitation of movements (rotation, flexion, extension)
  • Comfort and flexibility of materials

Each product maintains essential prerequisites of safety and high quality; and the best performances are indicated with a maximum of 5 stars, that gradually decrease till 1, indicating basic characteristics.
Inside each collar’s dedicated page, clicking on the stars, you can see in detail the evaluation assigned by the experts.