Cervi Flex

Cervi Flex

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Semi-rigid one-piece cervical collar

Cervi Flex is the cervical collar with vinyl protection that makes it easy to wash and resistant to blood. A non-toxic device and easy to use thanks to the straps closure. Light and comfortable it represents a solution for cervical immobilisation of traumatized patients.
Cervi Flex – XS
Cervi Flex – S
Cervi Flex – M
Cervi Flex – L
Cervi Flex – XL
Cervi Flex – Kit tre sizes
Cervi Flex – Kit cinque sizes

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Product Description

  • Thank to its peculiar ergonomic shape it perfectly fits patient’s neck
  • The closure with strap allows an easy and rapid use
  • Easily washable, non-toxic, fireproof and resistant

Cerviflex is available in five size

  • XS – QC22504
  • S – QC22501
  • M – QC22502
  • L – QC22503
  • XL – QC22505
  • Kit 3 sizes – QC22500
  • Kit 5 sizes – QC22506


Embroidery Product 20 x 20 mm [0.78 x 0.78 in] col 01 min 10
Pad printing Product 20 x 30 mm [0.78 x 1.18 in] col 01 min 300

Use only as directed by local EMS Authorities


Cervi Flex is a medical product to be used in therapies against neck pain and conditions affecting the cervical area.
Cervi Flex should be worn during the whole therapy prescribed by the doctor.
Hand wash it using mild soap and warm water. Rinse thoroughly and wait until it is completely dry before wearing it again.
1. Hold, with both hands, the collar’s double end and put it around the neck;
2. Regulate the Velcro strap to guarantee a comfortable use and the right support.
Cervi Flex can be used during the whole therapy indicated by the doctor. Yet, do not forget that it should be used on one single patient.


Cervi Flex  Cervi Flex - XS

Cervi Flex  Cervi Flex - S

Cervi Flex  Cervi Flex - M

Cervi Flex  Cervi Flex - L

Cervi Flex  Cervi Flex - XL

Cervi Flex  Cervi Flex - Kit tre sizes

Cervi Flex  Cervi Flex - Kit cinque sizes