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Cervical collar with padded chin-rest

Bonn is a two-piece cervical collar recommended in post-traumatic and post-surgery rehabilitation therapies. Its function is to accelerate the healing process, ensuring a safe and stable neck immobilisation. At the same time, it reduces skin breakdown resulting from longer therapies, thanks to a soft anti-decubitus padding.

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Product Description

The research focused on offering the most comfortable solution, which is guaranteed by reducing the pressure on four spots (chin, occiput, trapezium and clavicle) and by using a sternum pad. The central opening is designed for tracheotomised patients, while the smaller openings all over the rigid structure favour air flow. The material it is made of is hypoallergenic, latex free and 100% disinfectable. Considering the peculiar function of this collar, it can be used also at night.


Bonn cervical collar is available both in adult and paediatric version in different sizes

  • Adult
    • Super Short
    • Short
    • Medium
    • Large
    • Stout
  • Paediatric
    • P1 (0-2 years)
    • P2 (2-6 years)
    • P3 (6-12 years)
    • Paediatric

Use only as directed by local EMS Authorities


Bonn is a medical product to be used in therapies against neck pain and conditions affecting the cervical area.
Bonn can be used during the whole therapy indicated by the doctor. Yet, do not forget that it should be used on one single patient.
1. After picking the correct size, apply the back piece on the patient’s nape; then center it;
2. Make the front piece slip under the chin. The sides of the front piece must be oriented up, from the trapezium toward ears;
3. Firmly holding the front piece, flex the borders so that they comfortably wrap the patient’s neck;
4. Alternating and one at a time, tighten and firmly fix the straps to the front piece of the collar till reaching the same length on both sides;
Throw away the pads from the plastic part and wash them with water and mild soap. Rinse under running water and squeeze them in a towel. At the end clean the plastic part with a wet rag of water and mild soap.