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Adjustable rigid cervical collar

Jems is the cervical collar that, thanks to its special Velcro strap fixing system, allows both horizontal and vertical regulation; to have more comfort and suitability to all patients’ neck.
Jems – Technical Sheet (Three-size kit with bag)
Jems – Technical Sheet (S)
Jems – Technical Sheet (M)
Jems – Technical Sheet (L)
Jems – User's Manual

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Product Description

Its materials are robust, washable and easily disinfected with any detergent or disinfectant. It is easily stored and takes up little room. Product latex free.

Jems Sizes

The Jems collar is available in three sizes

  • S – QC50102A
  • M – QC50103A
  • L – QC50104A
  • Three-size kit with bag – QC50100A
Embroidery Product 20 x 30 mm [0.78 x 1.18 in] col 01 min 05

Use only as directed by local EMS Authorities


Jems is a medical product to be used in therapies against neck pain and conditions affecting the cervical area.
1. Grab the collar by its ends with both hands and put it round the neck;
2. Attach collar by overlapping the hook and loop inserts;
3. Adjust the closure in order to ensure comfort and support.
Yes, Jems can be adjusted horizontally and vertically thanks to its functional Velcro inserts.
Hand wash it using mild soap and wipe with a damp cloth. Wait until it is completely dry before wearing it again.
Jems can be used during the whole therapy indicated by the doctor. Yet, do not forget that it should be used on one single patient.


Jems  Jems - Technical Sheet (Three-size kit with bag)

Jems  Jems - Technical Sheet (S)

Jems  Jems - Technical Sheet (M)

Jems  Jems - Technical Sheet (L)

Jems  Jems - User's Manual