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Multi-purpose bi-valve cervical collar

Spectar, the new extrication collar by Spencer, is an innovative and high-performance collar with unique features which make it an excellent device for cervical immobilisation in first aid operations.

Spectar – Technical Sheet (size XS)
Spectar – Technical Sheet (size S)
Spectar – Technical Sheet (size M)
– Technical Sheet (size L)

Spectar – Technical Sheet (Three-size kit)
Spectar – Technical Sheet (Four-size kit)
Spectar – Technical Sheet (Six-size kit)
Spectar – User's Manual

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Product Description

  • The LDPE rigid structure with internal grooves guarantees a significant weight reduction, at the same time increasing stability and rigidity
  • Spectar’s black colour enables fluorescent straps to stand out, making size identification easier even in low-light conditions; moreover, stains, grease and signs of wear are less visible
  • The padding features a scalloped edge, which makes it more flexible and therefore more comfortable for patients
  • Rivets and fixing buttons are reinforced, therefore Spectar is more resistant
  • Two more Velcro inserts compared to traditional models, for an overall number of four Velcro inserts, which ensure a firmer fixing of straps
  • Three openings, a central one for tracheotomy, two side ones for carotid pulse measurement
  • Built-in sizes of the same colour of the straps: more intuitive and more durable
  • Its structural shape and materials enable Spectar to be slimmer and lighter, therefore easier to store and carry around
  • Latex free

Spectar Size

The Spectar collar is available in six sizes

  • XXS – JM30025 (pink)
  • XS – JM30020 (green)
  • S – JM30021 (yellow)
  • M – JM30022 (orange)
  • L – JM30023 (light blue)
  • STOUT – JM30024 (dark blue)
  • Three-size kit – JM30029
  • Four-size kit – JM30030
  • Six-size kit – JM30026


The following accessories are available

  • Size Select: graduated bag to transport two-piece collars
  • Spectar Sizer to measure the right size. Discover the innovation!


Embroidery Product 20 x 20 mm [0.78 x 0.78 in] col 01 min 10
Tampography Product 20 x 30 mm [0.78 x 1.18 in] col 01 min 300

Use only as directed by local EMS Authorities


Scientific research show that the structure of two-piece collars ensures a more symmetrical, more accurate and therefore safer immobilisation compared to one-piece collars.
Unlike “all-in-one” adjustable collars, non-adjustable models, with their complete range of different sizes, guarantee the perfect fit on the patient’s neck, as each size is designed to fulfil this purpose.
Thanks to its particular structure Spectar allows to make the tracheotomy, through the central opening, and also to measure carotid pulse, through lateral openings.
For instructions on how to identify the correct size of Spectar, to use the innovative accessory Spectar Sizer. Discover more details inside the related page.
Yes, are available: a sternum pad to reduce pressure on sternum, making Spectar more comfortable for patients, a transport bag with dedicated sections, and Spectar Sizer the touch pen to identify Spectar’s right size.


Spectar  Spectar - Technical Sheet (size XS)

Spectar  Spectar - Technical Sheet (size S)

Spectar  Spectar - Technical Sheet (size M)

Spectar  Spectar - Technical Sheet (Three-size kit)

Spectar  Spectar - Technical Sheet (Four-size kit)

Spectar  Spectar - Technical Sheet (Six-size kit)

Spectar  Spectar - User's Manual