• Dallas


    Semi-rigid one-piece cervical collar

    Dallas is the cervical collar in closed cross-cell polyetilene foam which makes it flexible, easy to wash. Its ergonomic shape perfectly adapts at patients’ neck joining an easier and more comfortable head positioning to cervical vertebrae’s support.
    Dallas – XS
    Dallas – S
    Dallas – M
    Dallas – L
    Dallas – XL
    Dallas – Kit 3 one-piece cervical collars
    Dallas – User's Manual

  • Cervi Flex

    Cervi Flex

    Semi-rigid one-piece cervical collar

    Cervi Flex is the light and comfortable cervical collar suitable for the immobilisation of the cervical muscular-skeleton system. Handly and easy to use thanks to the straps closure and the vinyl protection that makes it resistant to blood, easily to wash and fireproof.
    Cervi Flex – XS
    Cervi Flex – S
    Cervi Flex – M
    Cervi Flex – L
    Cervi Flex – XL
    Cervi Flex – Kit tre sizes
    Cervi Flex – Kit cinque sizes

  • Kyoto


    Two-piece cervical collar

    Kyoto is the two-piece cervical collar both recommended to treat neck pain as well as for recovery, post-traumatic and post-surgery neck's immobilisation. It’s made of an anti-decubitus material and provided of a central opening for tracheotomised patients.
    Kyoto – Technical Sheet (S)
    Kyoto – Technical Sheet (M)
    Kyoto – Technical Sheet (L)
    Kyoto – Technical Sheet (XL)