Dr Collar presents the Homecare series, the new line of orthopaedic cervical collars created to treat neck pain. A complete range of products meeting the needs of all patients and providing the best solutions against neck pain caused by several conditions affecting the cervical area.

Creativity and technology, style and functional precision: the Homecare series combines the most advanced aspects of scientific research and the aesthetic dimension of products, for a state-of-the-art product design. Dr Collar‘s range offers soft and resistant materials, functional models, ergonomic and modern lines.

Dr Collar. In every day life and special occasions.

How to choose the right cervical collar

It’s important to choose the collar that better suits your needs and the purpose you intend to use for. Thanks to Dr Collar’s stars classification system it will be easy to find your collar. The evaluation, set up by the experts, is based on the three key factors of cervical immobilisation:

  • Product’s stability
  • Limitation of movements (rotation, flexion, extension)
  • Comfort and flexibility of materials

Each product maintains essential prerequisites of safety and high quality; and the best performances are indicated with a maximum of 5 stars, that gradually decrease till 1, indicating basic characteristics.
Inside each collar’s dedicated page, clicking on the stars, you can see in detail the evaluation assigned by the experts.