The improper term of “cervical pain” refers to disorder of neck pain, pain of different intensity affecting the cervical region. Usually it starts at the base of the neck and may spread to shoulders, arms and hands, hindering movements and making it difficult to carry out everyday tasks easier. Neck pain is one of the most common disorders, especially after 45 years: the pain, usually moderate, can persist for months or even years. There are also cases of neck pain among younger people, usually due to muscle contractions.cervical pain

Some of the factors that predispose to this problem, and may even aggravate it, are: incorrect posture while sitting, sedentary work, lack of exercise, stress, difficult night’s sleep due to inadequate mattresses and / or pillows.

Neck pain may be accompanied by a multitude of different symptoms. Among these, the most common are pain, rigidity (wryneck), headache and dizziness; in some cases, they also negatively impact on eyes, hearing, and can also trouble swallowing. When pain extends to arts, it can also take place tingling, numbness and feeling of weakness. The set of these symptoms can manifest both in a discontinuous, for example, only when it assumes a certain position, and in both continuous and persistent way.

Among the various remedies that doctors advise the patient to solve the problem of neck pain, it’s often suggested to use a cervical collar, especially in the most persistent cases. In fact, the immobilization that it ensures, is very useful to reduce the discomfort of neck pain.

Fundamental cure is also the prevention: to have a good posture, especially for those who have a sedentary lifestyle which leads to maintain the same position for several hours; also exercise and stretching are effective measures to prevent the onset of neck pain or of potential relapse.