• spectar


    Extrication collar

    Spectar is the bivalve extrication collar for cervical immobilisation in first aid operations. Handy, intuitive and easy to apply the new Spencer’s cervical collar is the perfect solution for traumatized patients’ cervical immobilisation.

    Spectar – Technical Sheet (size XS)
    Spectar – Technical Sheet (size S)
    Spectar – Technical Sheet (size M)
    – Technical Sheet (size L)

    Spectar – Technical Sheet (Three-size kit)
    Spectar – Technical Sheet (Four-size kit)
    Spectar – Technical Sheet (Six-size kit)
    Spectar – User's Manual

  • Yes


    Two-piece cervical collar

    Yes is the only extrication collar equipped with the innovative YES technology. It allows patient to say “Yes” when asked if everything is fine, without affecting neck immobilisation. It's made of closed-cell polyethylene, a materiel that both reduces the flexion-extension to the minimum and minimizes pressure on the neck for a major comfort.
    Yes – Technical Sheet (size XS)
    Yes – Technical Sheet (size S)
    Yes – Technical Sheet (size M)
    Yes – Technical Sheet (size L)
    Yes – Technical Sheet (Four-size kit)
    Yes – User's Manual

  • Nec-York

    Nec York

    One-piece cervical collar

    For over ten years, the Nec York collar has been  an international benchmark in the field of cervical immobilisation. An extrication one-piece collar which ensures a safe and stable neck immobilisation and is functional, intuitive and easy to apply thanks to its adjustable strap closure.
    Nec York – Technical Sheet (infant)
    Nec York – Technical Sheet (paediatric)
    Nec York – Technical Sheet (adult)
    Nec York – 3 sizes kit with bag
    Nec York – 6 sizes kit with bag
    Nec York – Technical Sheet (neckless)
    Nec York – Technical Sheet (regular)
    Nec York – User's Manual

  • Nec-Up-logo

    Nec Up

    Multi-size adjustable cervical collar

    A worldwide premiere, the first extrication collar manufactured with a new moulding method, called “co-moulding“, which  combines two extremely-resistant plastic materials, a semi-rigid and structural one on the one hand and a soft and comfortable one on the other. The result is a collar with no mechanical fixation points between the two components. Product latex free.
    Nec Up – Technical Sheet (Pediatric)
    Nec Up – Technical Sheet (Adult)
    Nec Up – User's Manual

  • Dallas


    Semi-rigid one-piece cervical collar

    Dallas is the cervical collar in closed cross-cell polyetilene foam which makes it flexible, easy to wash. Its ergonomic shape perfectly adapts at patients’ neck joining an easier and more comfortable head positioning to cervical vertebrae’s support.
    Dallas – XS
    Dallas – S
    Dallas – M
    Dallas – L
    Dallas – XL
    Dallas – Kit 3 one-piece cervical collars
    Dallas – User's Manual

  • Cervi Flex

    Cervi Flex

    Semi-rigid one-piece cervical collar

    Cervi Flex is the light and comfortable cervical collar suitable for the immobilisation of the cervical muscular-skeleton system. Handly and easy to use thanks to the straps closure and the vinyl protection that makes it resistant to blood, easily to wash and fireproof.
    Cervi Flex – XS
    Cervi Flex – S
    Cervi Flex – M
    Cervi Flex – L
    Cervi Flex – XL
    Cervi Flex – Kit tre sizes
    Cervi Flex – Kit cinque sizes

  • Spectar Sizer

    Spectar Sizer

    Spectar Sizer guide

    The important thing is not to wear the cervical collar but to choose the right size in order to avoid cervix' damages during the immobilisation phase. It's mainly for this reason that Dr Collar patented an innovative touch pen to determine the right collar's size. Spectar Sizer is the accessory that can't miss in your first aid kit.

  • Kyoto


    Two-piece cervical collar

    Kyoto is the two-piece cervical collar both recommended to treat neck pain as well as for recovery, post-traumatic and post-surgery neck's immobilisation. It’s made of an anti-decubitus material and provided of a central opening for tracheotomised patients.
    Kyoto – Technical Sheet (S)
    Kyoto – Technical Sheet (M)
    Kyoto – Technical Sheet (L)
    Kyoto – Technical Sheet (XL)

  • Jems


    Adjustable rigid one-piece cervical collar

    Jems is the unique Spencer’s cervical collar with coloured borders. By means of a special fixing system using Velcro strap, it’s possible to adjust the collar both in vertical and horizontal directions thus allowing for adaptation to all patients.
    Jems – Technical Sheet (Three-size kit with bag)
    Jems – Technical Sheet (S)
    Jems – Technical Sheet (M)
    Jems – Technical Sheet (L)
    Jems – User's Manual

  • Koln-K


    Two-piece cervical collar

    Bonn is the two-piece cervical collar with a soft anti-decubitus padding recommended to ensure a safe and stable neck immobilisation in post-traumatic and post-surgery cervical rehabilitation therapies.

  • Paris

    coming soon

    Soft cervical collar

    Paris is the orthopaedic cervical collar that, thanks to its ergonomic shape and its material, allows both comfort and functionality in cervical area’s rehabilitation therapies. It can be used also at night and to give support after a therapy with a hard cervical collar. It contains latex.

    …coming soon…